Saturday, April 2, 2011

MILAN MENSWEAR A/W11: TOM FORD Getting up on a foggy cold...


Getting up on a foggy cold morning to go to an intimate appointment at Tom Ford’s menswear showroom is nothing less than filled with anticipation and excitement. Not just because the collection is such a testament to less is more in terms of THE most exquisite fabrics and traditional methods used to craft these bespoke,luxurious, precise pieces, but the man himself talks you through each piece, describing the idea, the inspirations, etc. As a result I fall into a state of mesmerised joy when he saunters over to discuss the merits of his pleat fronted trousers (a definite trend for the season pegs are back, along with the cord and cashmere Argylls), in that soft Texan tone discussing how this new pleating - not too far over to the hips, more towards the middle and flater, are great ‘box maximising pants’ his words not mine, while he throws open his jacket to illustrate. Now that’s an awful lot to take in at 9.30 am but it sure did act as a wonderful device to keep me perky for the rest of the day. Along with revolutionary new trousers. The man who can do no wrong in my eyes. He also talked about the wonderful raspberry cords (fav colour of the moment as it perfectly well with my new Chanel Christmas present). Worn with the most luxurious cashmere cable knit jumper, chunky cable knit socks in pale lemon and a pair of exquisite croc loafers in just the right shade of brown gives a vivid idea of this very Cary Grant inspired collection. This dapper man of the 40’s silver screen is present in all the pieces that flood out of the little fitting room doorway in the corner of the room. Long sweeping camel coats, almost ankle length in double faced cashmere swish around the boys ankles really oozing every inch the suave luxury of it all. All in all it was the most wonderful way to start my day. More of that please. Granted we did physically interface with possibly the most charismatic man in fashion, but hey, this intimate way to present a collection always gets the thumbs up from me!!

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