Monday, March 14, 2011


As the show began in a much more intimate venue than the normal grand Palais we all sat in anticipation of what was to come. The wonderful paleness began, the powdery palette of tea rose in various textures streamed down the catwalk soft chiffons, tailoring and the most exquisite hand embroidery. This collection offered a concise modern vision of the brand this season I loved the dreaminess of the woman imbedded in a reality of the girl, she felt attainable but still aspirational. This was also enforced by a much more attainable attitude towards the hair and make which I truly adored. It ultimately explored the beauty and feminine softness of the girls and abandoned the normal more costume, theatrical references that are often used as a source of inspiration. I loved this more laid back, real attitude of the Chanel girls beauty and so reminded me in many ways of the beauty of a Amanda Harlech who works with Karl on the shows in a creative capacity ADOREDDDDDDDDD. My favourite little styling thing was the fine black satin ribbon that encircled the throat of the girls and tied back into the base of the neck with a little diamond ball. Adored!! 

 More wonderous soft paleness, so feminine want to be her!

Kirsten M in the finale look she looked spectacular. 10 out of 10 (no pun intended).

The finale was the re-creation of the mirrored stairway at Rue Cambon with the girls in all their powdery glory adoring the whole scene shinning and glittering like diamonds in the sky! Brilliant.

by Sophia Neophitou

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