Monday, February 21, 2011

When I found a true love

The night is cold and dreadful
As I peacefully walk with my soul cares
Who quietly negotiate to have cool night’s rest
While I continue my cross-road task

Before I knew what’s happening
I was closer to death
Sinking in my thinking
Fighting to survive the dreadful pain

What a catastrophe that spelt me dooms of fear
To Quaker of all darkness
In the street of many lost souls
Down the quarter of a crystal street

I see shadows of dead souls
Walking in pursuit of fresh ones
Hoping to survive
My heart gives up the phantom

The screaming of grief and pain has begun
People fighting earnestly to survive
The sudden catastrophe
That had made my heart sore

What an unpleasant sorrow
They might have seen it before now
No joy comes easily without thousands of pains
Putting apogee of pathetic quagmire

Living from where we are now
Is enough reason to be in the land of death
As miserable sorrow has been
The horrors of the night dream

How long will this perpetual pain last?
As men, joy has been jettisoned with all cruel
As sassy trouble has taken over
The fighting to survive perpetuates

This poem was submitted to by Mr. Kennedy, a law student from No. 177 Ansaruden, Lagos State, Nigeria. Did you enjoy reading it? Love poetry? Or do you have any comments on this poem? You can email directly to Mr. Kennedy or make your comments using the comment box as usual.

Born in 1979, Mr. Kennedy is looking for friends. His hobbies/interests are reading, writing poems, going to the beach, watching movies and many more.

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