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Parvati Melton
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Parvati Melton, the tall girl with big eyes and a romantic smile, born in 1983, acted with Raja in the Telugu film Vennela, which turned out to be a success. She was born in California to a German father and a Punjabi mother and she has a sister, Ariana. Parvati had learnt Bharatnatyam as a child. She was entirely brought-up and educated in America - she hails from New Jersey, USA. With her debut movie Vennela, she became an instant sensation and it is not an exaggeration to say that at a time when Tollywood faces acute shortage of heroines, her entry was viewed with special attention.

“I am an ardent lover of dance since childhood. But, I became more serious with this wing only five years ago. While a student, I tried to imitate the mannerisms of my favorite stars. At the same time, I have great passion for modeling. I even visited China, Japan and Australia to participate in modeling shows and competitions. Just at this phase, I got my first opportunity to do the heroine in "Vennela". An American NRI wanted to do this. And I was lucky he chose to shoot the entire film in America with Telugu artistes. As you all know, I played the role of a Telugu girl studying in US. It's great working with such a good team”, Parvati Melton said about how she happened to be in the Telugu film, Vennela.

Parvati Melton did not have anybody in her mind to be her inspiration for acting in movies. But she liked the movies of Amitabh Bachchan, NTR, Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi a lot. Though she particularly does not have any dream roles, she wants to get a name for herself in the film industry, like Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi or Urmila. If not a heroine, she dreamt of becoming a good dancer, but she got a break in modeling. In an interview she said, she would have been a businesswoman had she not got a chance to be an artiste. Still, she has offers ready in the business management.

Parvati Melton grew up in a very democratic atmosphere, where she was the judge of her feelings and actions. She feels ‘Democracy is not limited to politics alone, but to all spheres of human life’. “I am ready to do roles that suit my body language in the eye of the producers and directors. Anyway, my special interest would always be with glamour roles”, She added.

Her movie "Allare Allari" was ready for release when she gave this interview to film industry sources and she added, “Now, I am doing a bilingual movie "Buddha" in Telugu and English. I am playing the historic role of Amrapali. I am also doing a Malayalam flick. I am thankful to Seetharama Sastry (lyricist) for giving me all the moral support to sustain in the industry.”

Parvati liked her role in the flick "Madhumasam". She really liked the way Chandu (Chandra Mahesh, director of the film) narrated the story to her. The character shows the vigor of a lady who doesn't have any inhibitions. The role has come out as a frank expression of a girl's individuality, she said.

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