Monday, February 21, 2011

Namitha dances in red sari

sexy Tamil actress Namitha dances in red sari

This picture apparently a stlll photo from a Tamil movie shows sexy Tamil actress Namitha Kapor dancing with extras all in saris. Namitha has the rare distinction of making her films huge hits. She is buxom, curvaceous and symbolises the natural beauty of women. She does not believe in size zero, starving to death in the name of DIETING to make her body look unnaturally thin as some western fashion gurus want their models and actresses look. Examples are Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton and our own Kareena Kapoor - though Kareena says now that she does not believe in size zero any more.

Namitha has a very huge fan-following and can be said to be one of the topmost actresses in Kollywood whose films are eagerly waited for by the audiences, film critics and, of course, her fans. She has very long innings ahead of her in the film industry to entertain and enthrall her fans, as she is also very talented, a very good dancer and she has no taboos to wear anything to suit the situation and script of the films.

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