Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Lakshmi Rai more popular now?

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Is Lakshmi Rai more popular now? May be, yes, going by the surge in news and photos that have increasingly appeared on the internet and other media, one has to think that her popularity and fan base are sky-rocketing! But that is the life of celebrities, dearies!

It seems that the sexy siren has been banking on gossip and making and breaking NEWS for quite some time as her link up first with the bad boy of Indian cricket speedster Sreesanth, and now his skipper and Indian skipper M S Dhoni shows. Nothing new about it as in the past too celebrity romances and link-ups and stories about so-and-so is dating so and so has added to the star value of the celebrities.

But this appears to be quite natural as both Dhoni and Lakshmi Rai have denied any serious involvement, the crux is, maybe they just had some meeting in the most natural way and gossip-mongers have blown it up out of proportion! After all Newspapers and TV channels depend heavily on the "Goddess of gossip" for increased viewership!

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