Monday, February 21, 2011

HK Actress Grace Lam

Gloria Lam, (also known as Lam Ah See, Lam Nga Si, Lam Nga Sze, Lin2 Ya3 Shin1) is a Hong Kong based actress, born on 31 January 1978.
The note added by the original author says, "This beautiful actress made quite a first impression in the trashy 1998 film "PR Girls", when she swishes into a hostess bar with oodles of attitude and daringly bares her naked chest. I was an instant fan! Her other films include "", "White Storm" and "Our Last Day". She also owns a fashion boutique and a pet store in Hong Kong. This is one enterprising woman! During 2002 and 2003, Grace seemed to drop all of her inhibitions and along with Sophie Ngan became the "Cat III Queens of Hong Kong" with a number of low budget soft core films - "My Horny Boyfriend" being perhaps the most revealing - but there is also "Crime of the Beast II" for those who are fans of Grace's slim but perfect figure. What sets her apart from most "Cat. III actresses" is an innocent fresh air about her and physique that could poke your eyes out. Most importantly of course is that she is the heartthrob of "HK Entertainmant's Sanney". She has announced in 2003 that she is marrying and her chilly-saucy days are behind her - sad news for her fans."

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