Monday, February 21, 2011

Enthiran (Robot) Exclusive HD Movie Trailer

The city of Chennai is getting ready, like the rest of the country and various other centers in the world where the fans of Rajnikant films are waiting for the release of the science fiction movie Enthiran (Robot). The tickets have been sold out within minutes of opening booking and fans are scrambling for tickets.

The film is full of special effects, animation and the latest technologies in Sci-Fi film production technology. Excepting a few scenes of dance and songs, the entire film has plenty of special effects. The producer Shankar has opted for 'Light Stage', a technique adopted in filming Hollywood blockbuster “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in which 80 lights were used to capture a series of shots. Additionally, “Animatronics”, a kind of mechanical puppetry, a never before attempted 3D animation is used in the climax of 'Enthiran', said Director Shankar to the media.

Written ten years ago by Shankar, and the production started three years ago after many hurdles and postponements in the production of the film, the mere thought of the scope of such a highly technical film stunned the Indian industry, especially in view of the huge production costs, about Rs 190 crores, according to the latest reports.

The film will not fall into the usual genres of a Shankar film as it is quite different for the Indian film audience, technicians, and the director Shankar himself. Shankar says, "It is a film which will have a linear narration, with plenty of action, and far fewer dialogues… Go watch the film without expectations, and you will be stunned. Go with expectations and you will enjoy the film."

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