Monday, February 21, 2011

Dental Management Practices

Everyone graduating as dentist dreams of a comfortable life and maximize earning money in minimum time. These Dental Consultants work very hard to reach their goals too. Sometimes when they see that the task is not so easy, frustration sets in, they find less and less time for living their own lives and for family and friends too.

A Dental Consultant works long hours, both at his office and also at home doing paperwork. Besides, advanced research and technology brings in new materials and techniques almost daily. They have to keep themselves updated with the knowledge and equipments to meet this challenge too. Also Dental Consultants have to manage things like hiring and training staff, planning, payroll, tax planning, firing, leasing, banks and insurance, systems, vision, negotiating, overhead, etc. Unfortunately, these are not what they are trained for, but it becomes essential for their success.

The work done by Dr. Dave Robertson can inspire many dentists who struggle hard. He was the co-founder of a chain of 12 dental practices that were sold in 1991 and then he focused on developing a great one that could provide him with an excellent lifestyle. He could own and operate a practice producing over $6 Million dollars a year on a two day work week. His practice in Calgary, Alberta is considered to be Canada’s most successful office in terms of growth, organization and profitability. Dr. Robertson solved the question of how to make dentistry stress free, profitable and less time intensive.

Dr. Robertson is a best selling author with the book "A Search for Purpose" that he co-authored with Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Wayne Dyer and others. Also Dr. Robertson has turned his efforts to writing personal development reports and programs for dentists.

Dr. Robertson created the portal “Dental Management Secrets” for improving the practices and the lives of dentists everywhere. He suggests to eliminate information overload and to learn only the best Dental Management practices from someone who continues to practice. Dentists can start where they are at right now with their practice and get specific on-line dental management advice and opportunities for each stage of practice life. They can subscribe to free online Dental Management Tutorial and Newsletters at his website, and receive a free copy of “The Top 10 Dental Management Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”.

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