Monday, February 21, 2011

Bollywood legends salute Rajinikanth - Enthiran

This short video report from NDTV says the entire Bollywood's biggest and brightest stars and legends flocked to catch the Robot special screening in Mumbai. Rajinikanth himself invited them and he was personally present. The celebrities and legends included the entire Bachchan clan, veteran film maker and legendary actor Dev Anand, and many others.

Now, as director Shankar is being hailed as ‘India's James Cameron’, the flick has sent some strong shockwaves up the spines of some producers and superstars of Bollywood. Meanwhile there are reports that ‘Robotmania’ has gripped the whole range of big-budget filmmakers of Bollywood and most of them are now seriously considering incorporating Robotronics and animatronics in their future productions and even in films under production.

While Shah Rukh Khan is reported to introduce the latest technologies on special effects in his films, reports say Krrish 2 has been delayed, and Hrithik Roshan told a scribe, “Krrish 2 is definitely not shelved,” while Papa Roshan told the media, "I might start work on 'Krrish', wait for the announcement."

On the box office front Enthiran has re-written history by overtaking the first week collections of Bollywood's highest first-week grosser 'Dabangg' (Rs 82 crore), by netting a first week collection of Rs 117 crore.

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