Monday, February 21, 2011

Barbie Doll Katrina Kaif celebrated her birthday in Italy

The Bollywood Barbie Doll Katrina Kaif must have thoroughly enjoyed her 25th birthday with her entire family in an undisclosed destination in Italy. Katrina perhaps wanted not to repeat the kind of birthday bash she had in 2008 in which her boyfriend Salman Khan got into a brawl with Shah Rukh Khan and spoiled the spirit of the celebration.

This year Katrina did not want to take another chance as she is away from Bollywood leaving Salman Khan to slog out in Mumbai for his film Wanted Dead and Alive.

According to reports Katrina was supposed to spend a long holiday with her family in London last year around Christmas, but had to cut short her trip due to pressures of work. She did not have a break in almost two years and hence she was looking forward to spending quality time with her family.

Katrina Kaif spent her childhood in many countries, including her growing up years in the United States and later in her mother’s home country UK, and the support of her family all along was a great blessing for her, she said. Her six sisters, about a year apart, similar in height and build, are strong, fearless, self-confident individuals and she is quite appreciative of them. About her elder brother who is a professional rock climber, she says, he is like their big caretaker.

The British-Indian actress Katrina was born in Hong Kong to a Kashmiri father, Mohammed Kaif, and a British mother, Suzzane. Her parents separated when Kaif was very young.

Katrina Kaif started her modeling career at the age of fourteen for a jewelry campaign in London. Eventually she was spotted by filmmaker Kaizad Gustad who introduced her in his film Boom (2003). Boom was not a big success, it kick-started her career as an Indian actress, who has acted in Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam films. Katrina's first release for 2009, New York, with John Abraham was a commercial success.

Kaif is the model for Mattel's Bollywood Barbie, which was all over the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai this year and Barbie doll celebrated its 50th Anniversary by sponsoring the event.

Mattel's first choice for Barbie was Aishwarya Rai, who reportedly said that she was the one who declined the toymaker Mattel's deal due to her busy schedule. The Bollywood Barbie modeled on Katrina Kaif is expected to go into production in September.

The YouTube video above shows Katrina dressed as Barbie walking the ramp during the Lakme Fashion Week.

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